This guy in a brand-new Lexus SUV waved me down today to ask directions to a building on campus. I had my IPod on, so first he got annoyed because it took me a second to hear him. Then, when I said I wasn’t exactly sure where the building was, he looked even more agitated. But when he told me the address, I knew exactly what it was, and gave him directions. But by that point, he’d already decided I had no idea what I was talking about, and just nodded curtly, then drove off, not even saying thank you. I mean, would it have killed him? I could have ignored him altogether, but I didn’t. I took a shot, a stab, made an effort.


And how is your morning so far?

The big news on campus this morning (aside from a Student Body President election scandal, with accusations flying in all directions) is that one of our own, Charly Lowry is performing on American Idol tonight. She’s a sophomore here at UNC. Very exciting. So far I have to say I’ve been a little surprised by who has been cut and who has not. Should be interesting, at any rate.

Finally, I want to say a hello and thank you to the folks from BWI who I had a chance to chat with yesterday. We did a conference call interview, and they asked so many good questions. Conference calls are always sort of surreal, because I never know how people are reacting (i.e. laughing at my jokes, or just rolling their eyes, annoyed like that guy in the Lexus) but the people at BWI were so nice. So thanks for that.

Now, I’m off to class to discuss John Updike. My life is nothing if not varied…

have a good day everyone!