First thing today I want to congratulate my cousin Ben and his friends at Rum and Monkey who are courting internet stardom these days. They also got a mention in this article, although you have to scroll down about halfway to see it. And I, for one, can vouch for the fact that yes, Ben Werdmuller IS his real name. I’ve known him since he was born!

In other news, my Tarheels lost to Virginia in the last seconds of a game last night, after a huge dispute about the timeclock. The entire action just stopped for, like, ten minutes while they tried to work it out, and then we lost. Honestly. This is the reason I had to stop watching basketball so religiously, I took it WAY too seriously. I was all fired up and annoyed last night, while all the while knowing there are lots more important things to think about.

Like: books. Yes! So I’m going on vacation in a week or so, and I want some books to read by the pool. They do have to be pool/beach books, no Tolstoy please, but any suggestions would be much welcome. I’m already thinking about buying Augusten Burroughs’ Dry, as well as Who’s Irish? by Gish Jen, because we discussed the title story in class yesterday and I just LOVED it. I also have a big fat galley of Marian Keyes’ new book, courtesy of the News and Observer (love that book review gig!) but I read a LOT on vacation, so I’ll probably need a few more. Last year I took two really fun books (Shopaholic Gets Married and Electroboy) and one I was supposed to review (which I will not reveal). The first two were great, perfect for reading with a drink with a little umbrella in your hand. The last, though, was totally pretentious, serious, full of stark images and no plot whatsoever. A total downer! I found myself in the airport giftshop buying some pulpy trade paperback (I think it was Rebecca Wells’ Little Altars Everywhere) just so I’d have something for the flight home. So, the point is, I don’t want that happening again. If you’ve read a good beach/pool book, pass it along. ‘Kay?

have a good day everyone!