I’ve written before here about how I wonder who, exactly, reads this journal, what kind of people come here everyday for my stupid pop culture references and innane reality show commentary. Well, yesterday I found out one thing about all of you: you LOVE to read.

This shouldn’t be surprising, I guess, but I am overwhelmed and oh so grateful for all the comments you left yesterday with book recommendations. For those who asked:

—I really did like the Lovely Bones (I got a galley early, and called the book guy at the N&O when I finished it to tell him, “This is the book that is going to make Oprah sorry she stopped the book club!”) and thought how Alice Sebold managed to write what I’d assumed was unwriteable (POV of a dead person looking down from Heaven) was amazing.

—-I have NOT read much Meg Cabot, although I admire her career immensely. I’ll definitely be picking up one of her recent books for the trip.

—-I also really like Jennifer Weiner, who I think is one of the most compulsively readable chick lit authors writing today.

—-I just started Jennifer Crusie’s Bet Me on Tuesday, only to have so many people recommend her, so that’s encouraging

—and to the person who suggested I read my own book, This Lullaby, thank you. That was very sweet.

The final upshot is that I have a long, good list to take with me to the bookstore this weekend. So thanks again. You guys are the best.

have a great day everyone!