So the Oscars are tonight, are there are tons of sites that list interesting trivia, odds on winners, etc. I’ll be watching some of the arrivals—although not much, because I really hate Joan Rivers, feel she has the worst karma possible, don’t even want to be a part of what she puts out into the universe—and as much of awards ceremony as I can stay up for. I hope they do Supporting Actress early, so I can see if Renee wins. I may not make it up to see what I’d LOVE to see, a Sofia sweep. But I’ll try.

If Renee doesn’t win, she’ll be compensated, apparently, by a gift basket totalling $32,000 worth of stuff: vouchers for plane trips, all sorts of swag. Not bad. If you present an award, though, you really score: the gift basket as a thanks for that totals about $110,000:

The bounty includes a gift certificate for a $6,000 43-inch Samsung DLP HDTV, plus a year of satellite TV; a pair of round-trip business-class tickets on Air New Zealand from L.A. to Auckland (a gift celeb-watcher Joan Rivers declares is really cheesy); a $1,500 steak dinner at Morton’s (that is a veritable cow!); and, to help digest that steak, there’s also a $500 Krups espresso machine (probably the cheapest item in the bag).

A little extreme, you have to admit.


As for me, I’m off to the Wal-Mart. Have a good day everyone!