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So, following tradition, I wasn’t able to stay up for all of the Oscars last night. I went to bed right after Mitch and Mickey from “A Mighty Wind” performed, so sweet, and since LOTR was winning every freaking category I figured I had a pretty good idea what would take the last few big awards at the very end anyway. But I left my Tivo going, so I could see the acceptance speeches for Best Actor/Actress, but since it ran over the three hours on the guide, it cut off before it got to them anyway. Which sort of sucks. I really wanted to see what Sofia said when she won for best screenplay, and I was looking forward to seeing what Sean Penn had to say as well. I guess I’ll have to watch ET tonight or something, which will then put me into total Oscar overkill.

I loved seeing Renee win, and the pre-show was good—Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson were so funny—but I felt like the awards ceremony itself felt really weighted down and bloated. It probably didn’t help that I’m not a fan of LOTR, so the more they won, the more bored I got. It was great to see Allison Krauss sing, and I heard she was wearing two million dollar shoes, which I guess makes it clear once and for all she’s come a long way from playing Merlefest up in the NC mountains. I saw on some website yesterday they were talking about her, and saying America will wonder who is this person? when she performs in two nominated songs. But if you DON’T know who Allison Krauss is, you should. She’s incredible. Even without the shoes.

In other news, today is the first day of March, and it’s supposed to be in the seventies. I was sniffling all day yesterday, which means the trees are starting to bud. Spring may not be here, but it’s closer than it was yesterday, and just knowing that I feel like this great winter weight is lifting. Which is wonderful. Even if I am blowing my nose constantly.

have a good day everyone!