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It’s that last week before spring break, and everyone here on campus looks exhausted. My students could barely rally this morning for a discussion on Raymond Carver: one said he was so tired he couldn’t even make it to the coffee shop—located very nearby—for caffeine to remedy the problem. I saw another former student this morning who told me that she had a midterm and a paper due on the same day, for the SAME class. Ouch! I always swore I’d never be the kind of instructor who assumed that my class was the most important, or even worse, the only one, for my students. Although I am giving a midterm on Thursday. No paper, though. I mean, really.

Meanwhile, with vacation looming, an update on the books I bought for pool and beach reading. While most aren’t exactly Literature (note the capital L) they will be just what I need to settle in with my sunscreen and little umbrella drink:

Gossip Hound, by Wendy Holden: I read Farm Fatale awhile back, and I find her to be funny and swift and totally enjoyable. This is the book I will probably be reading—clutching—on the plane, and I’ll most likely finish it in twenty-four hours. Just a prediction.

Mona in the Promised Land, Gish Jen: this I believe would qualify as Literature, and I’ll probably save it for the last day and trip home, when I’m totally burned out on beach books.

The Other Side of the Story, Marian Keyes: this is a big, fat galley that I’ve saved specificially for this trip. I like Marian Keyes, although how she manages to write so much is beyond me. Does the woman not sleep?

Best Friends, by Martha Moody: I don’t know much about this book, other than I’ve picked it up a million times at various bookstores: it’s the story of two women who meet in college and the lives that follow. I think I’ve read the first page at least ten times, so I finally decided to bite the bullet and buy it. A little reading risk for my vacation? Oh, yes. I think so.

Always a Bridesmaid, by Sarah Webb: another galley, sent to me by the newspaper. There’s another book out now with the exact same title, that was on the exact same table as this one at Barnes and Noble. That’s got to be hard. I hope there aren’t any other The Truth About Forevers coming out anytime soon. Like I don’t have enough to worry about.

So that’s it. For now. I almost bought Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants, but I was sort of already overbudget, not to mention mindful of how much space I had in my bag (I need room for shoes, okay?). Once I return, I want to make another bookstore/library run, to get some of the other books you all suggested. For vacation, though, I want nothing too serious. I’ve had enough mindful. Give me mindless! (For four days, anyway.)

have a good day everyone….