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Warning: if you’re not into America’s Next Top Model, I apologize for this next entry in advance. Thank you.

Oh, I know it’s true that everyone loves a villian. Which is why I was surprised that Camille got eliminated from America’s Next Top Model last night. I thought they’d keep her around just for the drama, but clearly even Tyra was over her, big-time. Personally, as of last night, I’m all about Yoanna. Not only because Camille so clearly tried to sabotage her, but also because I hated to see someone who is five-eleven and 134 pounds be seen as not having a body for fashion. Yikes! Plus you gotta love how she rolled with that new-wave hairdo they gave her. You go!

I also am pretty sure that Shandi is going to win. I mean, she was a ringer from the beginning, working at Walgreen’s (which they mention constantly) and she just has that born-to-model look to her. Not that I don’t like her: I mean, her favorite show is Kids in the Hall, and to me, that shows class. (Okay, maybe not class. But a kindred spirit, at least.) And did you check out the scenes from next week, when she’s freaking out on the phone with her boyfriend? Oh.My.Goodness. Drama! Who needs Camille?

In other news—as the rest of you who don’t watch that show and never would sigh with relief—-McDonald’s is doing away with Supersizing. This is the best news for the American waistline in ages. I mean, really: do you NEED all that extra coke and fries? Really? Nope. I’m not advocating that we all start eating only edamame and tofu by any means, but the rates for diabetes, childhood obesity and other weight-related problems are way up in the last few years. I can remember when I was a kid that a small fries was just that: SMALL. Seriously. The rule, as my mother would tell you, is everything in moderation. Words to live by.

(Oh, those and “This is my signature walk and it’s what’s going to make me famous!” Okay, another Model reference. Sorry….)

have a good day everyone!