Hello again.

So I’m back, after four glorious days in Florida, where the temperature hovered around 80, and I woke up every morning to a gorgeous ocean view. So, so nice. Yesterday, when we landed here, it was gray and cold and they were calling for snow. Don’t you just love March?

Frankly, I was just glad to be back in one piece. I am not the best at flying, to be honest: I get very jumpy and nervous and am usually convinced at one point or another that we’re going to crash. Some trips are better than others. It doesn’t help, too, that on the flight down I was wedged in between my husband (not bad) and this girl who was coughing nonstop (bad) with the person in the seat in front of me tilted WAY back, so that they were practically in my lap, and yes, coughing. Ugh. All of our flights were packed except for the last one from Charlotte to Raleigh, which was half-empty and quick, quick, so quick that once we were up we were already heading back down, not even time for a drink cart to come by. Now THAT is my kind of flight.

Other highlights of the trip: seeing dolphins off the dock right by the pool, as well as many cool birds, especially enormous pelicans that swooped right over you. Great food (lots of fried grouper sandwiches, a Florida thing I think?), sleeping way late, room service, and getting to spend most of my day reading. The only bad point was that I got sunburned, me, the Sunscreen Nazi, I am SO careful, and even worse I got sunburned in the weirdest places: my ankles, wrists, and one spot on my leg. Oh, well.

I came home to find that the paperback of This Lullaby is now officially on sale, which is very exciting. Also this news, about Judy Blume’s books being made into Disney Movies, also very exciting. Wouldn’t it be great if movies made from YA books were the Next Big Thing? Maybe then the Lullaby movie, optioned by New Line, might have a shot at getting made. I am keeping my fingers crossed. Toes too! Even if it does hurt my sunburn.

Now, I’m off to enjoy the rest of my week off, although it will be considerably harder to stay in vacation mode while doing laundry and going to the grocery store. But dammit: I am going to try.

have a good day everyone!