I have a brand-new, shiny ten dollar bill, which I intend to spend on a nice lunch out today with my friend Marianne. I got it from answering a survey that came in the mail yesterday, addressed to Mrs. My Husband, which is the name I don’t go by. It was a long survey about my viewing/reading/shopping/everything habits, and attached to it was the ten bucks, all mine just for filling it out.

(Which is kind of weird. There must be some psychology to this, right? That you’ll feel guilty for just keeping the ten bucks, so you fill out the survey. Or maybe you don’t feel guilty, and just spend it, but then they contact you somehow and say, “Why didn’t you fill out our survey?” and THEN you feel guilty. Or maybe you never feel guilty about anything, in which case I envy you totally. But I digress.)

So the survey asks me about what TV channels I watch, and how often. What magazines, newspapers I read, what I spend my money on. What kind of car I drive. My temptation was to answer the most random way I could—as Mrs. My Husband is not a real person, per se—-like when they asked if I’d travelled to Grenada, or Samoa, I wanted to check the box that said yes, three times in the last year. I also was tempted to say I subscribed to much loftier magazines than I do (The Economist, World and News Report) or totally random ones (Road and Track and Modern Maturity, which maybe I’d read on the plane to Samoa?) In the end I answered mostly truthfully, however. Now my information will go into some big database which will effect SOMETHING, although what I have no idea. It’s a little scary to contemplate, all that information about Mrs. My Husband out there. But at least it isn’t me.

I’m going to spend my ten bucks now. Guilt free, because I earned it.

have a good day everyone!