I am such a nerd. I just bought my own book.


I know, I know, it’s pathetic. But I couldn’t help myself. This Lullaby just recently went on sale in paperback, and I kept hearing how good it looked (it’s in adult trim size, which means it’s not small, like a lot of YA paperback, but the size of a regular paperback, if that makes any sense) and people kept commenting that they’d seen it at their bookstores, so I just went to see if I could find it. And I did. And it was really pretty, and I love the size, and the excerpt they have right as you open it, and even though I knew they are sending me a box (at least I THINK they’re sending me a box) I just had to have it today, so I bought it. So embarrassing. I paid in cash on the off chance that the salesperson would notice the same on my credit card slip matched the name on the book. Oh, the horror. But then I went out in the parking lot and sat in the car and looked at it, and I was happy. If slightly mortified. Oh, well.

have a good day everyone…