You know, I HATE it when I lose things. Mostly because I am a really organized person, for the most part, so it doesn’t happen that often. But somehow, in the last year while switching over from one computer to another, I managed to misplace the power cord for my scanner. Not the scanner. Not the USB cord. But the power cord. And

It’s really driving me crazy. I mean, it’s like it’s personal now.

I’d pretty much resigned myself to the fact that it was gone a few months back when, planning for my parents’ 40th anniversary party, I had to pay ten bucks (Ten bucks!) to have their wedding picture scanned at a local place here. But then, a few weeks ago, I went looking for it again. No luck. It’s gone, I told myself, I must have accidentally thrown it out, or given it away, or some gremlin came in and snatched it just to cause me this kind of stress. Give it up, it’s over. But I can’t. Every once in a while, I find myself digging through my office stuff AGAIN, looking for it, like it’s suddenly going to just pop up and appear. Maybe I should just order a new one. Admit defeat. It’s time, I think. But as soon as I think I have, I go to look for it One More Time.


Maybe this is just a Monday thing. Entirely possible. Or maybe I’m not just pathetic (as discussed in previous entry) but also crazy. Oh, well. Maybe I’ll just look for it one final time, and that’s it. Seriously. I mean it, this time.

have a good day everyone!