Okay, so yes, I’m double posting but I just can’t help myself.

So this weekend, while out buying a housewarming gift, my husband spied this next to the register. “Oh, yes,” he said, grabbing one and adding it to our purchases, which were being rung up, “we NEED this.” Called “Mr. T in Your Pocket,” it is a small plastic contraption with a few buttons, and pushing each gets you Mr. T HIMSELF saying one of his signature phrases. (My personal favorite: “Quit your jibber jabber!” although “Shut up, Fool!” is also catchy.)

I have it on the kitchen island, and I cannot resist: everytime I pass, I hit a button and get a little T. Makes the day that much better.

I’ve been thinking, over the weekend, that this is a great marketing idea. Someone should sell one of these where you can record your OWN catchphrase, to give to friends or familly or whatnot. I think if I was making one, I’d definitely put on some of the things I say most often, like:

(to my dogs) “Monkey. Get off the door!”
(to my students) “I think you have the skeleton of a story here, but what you need to do is fill it in a bit more.”
(to my husband) “I did clean that, earlier. What, can’t you tell?

and miscellaneous fun phrases I say to everyone and anyone:

“No, I’m taking a day off from writing today. No, I am. I am!”
“I just want to sit here with my wine and my pimento cheese. That’s all I want. Is that too much to ask?”
“Yeah, but it was on SALE!”

And so on. Maybe not as catchy as jibber-jabber, but it works for me. And as far as the personal catchphrase recorder, I think I’m onto something. Hmmmm.

have a good day everyone!