TWO Mr. T entries in two days? Can you handle it?

Turns out, our favorite 80’s tough guy will also be guest starring on….brace yourself, now….Nick and Jessica’s Variety Show. And no, I’m not kidding. Read the article. Other guests include Jewel and Kenny Rogers.

Kenny Rogers? What?

I swear I wonder if the Daily Show is behind this. It’s too insane to be true. I mean, seriously!

In other news, today is the finale of America’s Next Top Model. Can you handle it? (Can you stand that I keep asking that?) For me, it comes down to two words: Go Yo! (Yoanna, that is.)

I know, I know, you’re not even able to THINK about America’s Next Top Model. You can’t. Your mind is still reeling from the Mr. T/Jessica Simpson/Kenny Rogers thing. Not that I can blame you.

have a good day everyone!