So, Yoanna did take it all, in the end. I have to admit, I was happy with that. Even happier? My husband, who now gets his Tuesday nights free (after American Idol, of course) to watch Rides, the show he loves on TLC. So all is well here. Gotta love that.

I am also loving the new update that my wonderful brother and sister-in-law did yesterday to my website . We’ve put up a page for the new book, with a little piece I wrote about where the idea came from, as well as a couple of new links on the link page, and some new FAQ questions on the list there. Coming soon: a page with upcoming appearances. For those who have been asking, yes, I am going on a book tour (yay!), which looks to be a total whirlwind. I don’t have solid dates yet, but it looks like sometime in May I’ll be doing signings in D.C., Philly, a few places in California and Seattle, among others. Also, I’ll be doing my local bookstores, beginning with the Bull’s Head on the UNC Campus on April 15th, with others coming later in May and June.

I am terrified and totally excited, which is pretty much normal for me in the months before a book comes out, when everything starts to come together. All I can do is breathe and remind myself to enjoy it. Which, on most days, isn’t hard to do.

have a good day everyone!