Good morning.

Yesterday, it was so beautiful here. Sunny, warm, and everyone was out on campus (where I spent most of my day). I love Chapel Hill in the Springtime, it’s just like no other place on earth. But you can already *feel* the distractions setting in, all the signs are there: people sunning themselves on the quad, the fraternity boys hanging out in front of their houses on benches, watching the girls walk by, and yesterday I saw the ultimate Spring sign, a guy with a puppy. People always start turning up on campus with puppies this time of year. It’s the one official way to tell Spring has definitely arrived. As my dad always says in late March, early April, when students start skipping and paying absolutely no attention when they ARE in class: “The sap is rising.” Indeed.

In other news, we’ve got my appearance page up and running on the site. You can check it out here. Only a few things so far, but more are to come as I get confirmed dates and times.

Finally, a request: I’m having a bridal shower for a friend next week (Leigh: if you are reading this, stop NOW! This is a surprise. Stop reading. Stop! Do you hear me?…I don’t think she reads this, actually, but you can’t be too careful.) Anyway, I want to make a mix CD for the shower full of songs about marriage and weddings. So far I’ve thought of:

1. Going to the Chapel (Dixie Cups)
2. Marry Me (Dolly Parton)
3. Love and Marriage (Frank Sinatra)

but after that, I’m stuck. (I know I am totally blanking, but it’s been a long week.) Anyway, if you can think of any others, please put a post listing them. I would much appreciate it. Oh, and if you’ve ever been to a shower and played a cool shower game (do such things even exist?) let me know about that, as well. No pressure, though, just if you have a minute. Thanks!

have a good day everyone!