There are auditions going on for The Young and The Restless RIGHT NOW in the student union just steps from my office. I don’t watch soap operas (not daytime ones, anyway) but I am so intrigued by this. How do you audition for a soap, I wonder? One my students is over there right now and promised to deliver all details in our next class. I can’t wait.

Meanwhile, I’m battling my own drama at home. I have another mouse, just in time for this bridal shower I’m throwing this weekend. So far I’ve seen evidence of him (shredded food items in pantry) as well as caught one actual glimpse, when my dog chased him from the laundry room into the kitchen. To clarify: I didn’t really *see* exactly, as I had my hands over my face and was shrieking in horror. I swear, I am so ashamed by how much mice freak me out. I just scream like a little girl. It’s so embarassing. And now, as I get ready for this shower, which consists of several folks I have never met, I’m just having visions of this mouse darting across the floor while people are nibbling their fruit tartlets. God help me. I guess all I can hope for is that I don’t scream.

My mother stopped in today, though, and put her trademark positive spin on the situation. “Anyone can go to a regular shower,” she said, with a scoff. “But how many people can promise a mouse?” As if vermin were a plus, a bonus, like fresh flowers or a live band. I love my mom.

have a good day everyone…