Okay, the first review of the new book is in:

From The Critics
Kirkus Reviews
Macy declined Dad’s early-morning invitation to jog, changed her mind, and ran out to catch him, only to see him die of a heart attack before her eyes. Overwhelmed by grief and guilt, she sets about guaranteeing that every aspect of her life is controlled, perfect, safe-from her academically ambitious but unaffectionate boyfriend, to her tidiness, to her boring summer job at the library information desk. When Macy’s cautious self-discipline collides with Wish Catering, its offbeat staff, and its wacky crisis management, readers can pretty much predict the outcome. Macy will be teased out of her cocoon and grief by a new job with the caterer and new friends (including romantic hunk Wes) into their messy, lively, creative world. The plot is too conventional, some secondary characters are stock, the storm that brings everyone together at the end is too handy, but the Wish team is lovable, the romance clicks, and readers will be entertained. (Fiction. 12-14)

That last sentence is a bit of a doozy, I must admit, but the last four words work just fine for me: “readers will be entertained.” Okay, then.

My friend and former boss Marianne Gingher, famous Southern novelist, told me that Kirkus is ALWAYS very harsh, and that this, for them, is a rave. But I think she was just being nice. Still, I’ll take it. Although it’s a little tough when you spend months carefully developing a character to be nuanced and unique and different, only to have him described as a “hunk.” Oh, well. Like I said, I’ll take it.

In other news, I saw something on TV last night that was so bizarre this morning I am sure that I dreamed it. Is Bob Dylan REALLY in a Victoria’s Secret ad? The thing is, I think he is. Bob Dylan=Bra and Panties? What? Since When?

(note: if you don’t know who Bob Dylan is, you should. He is a legend. My favorite songs of his include “Visions of Joanna,” “I Believe In You,” and of course, “You’re a Big Girl Now.” But he’s done hundreds.)

Bob being in a lingerie ad is like Tom Waits doing an advertisement for Candies. It just doesn’t FIT. Who thought this up?

*shakes head*

Maybe they just thought we’d be entertained? Hmmm.

have a good day everyone!