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It’s a busy Thursday ahead, so this will have to be a short entry. But I find myself compelled to comment on last night’s O.C.

Okay, so I’ve only recently begun watching the show regularly. So maybe I’m missing something. But isn’t Marisa getting rescued, like, every single week? I mean, there was the Mexico thing. The crazy rich guy (Oliver?) thing. And now Ryan—and Luke—running off to get her in Chino. Hello? I think Marisa would be well-served by a little empowerment training. (Not to mention a ham sandwich. Or six.) They should consider getting her off the whole damsel in distress thing, make her listen to some Ani DiFranco. (“Not A Pretty Girl,” should be the new, empowered, not-taking-any-crap Marisa theme song.) Can’t you be pretty and competent?

I think, people, that you can. In fact, I know it.

that’s all for today. Discuss!

have a good day everyone!