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So I’ve been spending entirely too long messing around on ITunes this morning, as I am wont to do when I have errands to run and laundry to start and other things looming that induce serious procrastination. One thing I like about ITunes is the celebrity playlists they do, where a musician or actor or whatever picks a few of their favorite songs. Usually they say a little something about why they like the song, as well. There’s one from Barry Manilow, one from the girl who plays Marisa on the O.C. (felt compelled to mention her, after the debate here yesterday) and one from Dar Williams, who I, of course, adore. (AnnaMo, if you haven’t seen it, you should check it out.) So In honor of it being Friday and all, I thought I’d do my own Friday Five, of sorts, five songs that mean something to me. Now I always get sort of freaked out, High Fidelity-style, when I have to do top fives, so this is not my all time favorite top five songs: I refuse to make such a commitment. But here are five I really like, for Friday:

1. “Blind Love,” Tom Waits. Off of “Rain Dogs,” my all time favorite album, ever. (And that I am not afraid to commit to.) A beautiful, twangy love song.

2. “At Last,” Etta James. This was the first dance my husband I danced at our wedding. Sure, everyone has it at their wedding, but I don’t care. As far as I’m concerned, it’s still ours.

3. “She’s Crafty,” The Beastie Boys. This song sort of encompasses a certain period in high school for me. Plus, it’s great for the treadmill.

4. “Free Falling,” Tom Petty. I used to listen to this song at the Burrito while I was rolling silverware, or looking out the window at the traffic going by, and think wistfully about how I wanted to be a writer. Everytime I hear it now I still can’t believe any of this actually happened.

5. “Secret Garden,” Bruce Springsteen. I love Bruce Springsteen. I am, however, the only person I know who does. In fact, when he came here this fall for a concert, I couldn’t find a SINGLE PERSON to go with me. Isn’t that sad? I love so many of his songs, but this is my current favorite. Also: the live version of “Thunder Road,” off his Greatest Hits album. So great.

The thing is, I could *so* keep going. Endlessly. Five just isn’t enough! But it will have to do, for today, because I have a jam packed weekend, and the second I get up from this chair, it offically begins. Okay. One. Two. Three!

have a good day everyone!