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What a weekend. Between throwing the bridal shower and daylight savings time, I’m exhausted. Still. I want my hour back!

For those who are wondering, the shower went really well. The mouse did not appear, as I feared, and the fruit tartlets I purchased from Whole Foods were a big hit (I actually had to steal a few and stash them aside, they were going so fast, otherwise my husband wouldn’t have gotten a single one.) Everyone seemed to have a great time. We did one icebreaker (I had people pick a number out of a bowl, and that was the number of things they had to say about themselves, I know, sort of cheesy, but it did loosen people up). Then we had a quiz about the bride, involving her likes, dislikes, and ex-boyfriends. (Couldn’t get too raunchy, as mothers and in-laws were present, but fun nonetheless.) I had a third game which involved Celebrity Brides: I cut out dresses from Bride magazine and put the heads of famous people on them, and you had to guess who they were. I put the poster out so people could see it, even though we didn’t have time to play, just because I’d really labored over it with my rubber cement and cutting and pasting, and I felt it should at least be seen. Now, I was working under the assumption that most people probably DON’T know who Beyonce is at first glance, i.e. most people aren’t obsessed with such things and read Us Weekly regularly, but clearly, I was wrong. Everyone said my brides were too easy to guess. Honestly! The only one that stumped a few people was Christina Aguilera, and that was only because I put on a shot of her with her black hair. Anyway. Fun was had by all, to sum it up much more briefly than I’ve done already. My favorite part of the shower was when someone referred to something the bride had done with her ex-boyfriend as having occured “under the previous administration.” Made me laugh out loud.

Now, it’s Monday, and April, and last night it was light until, like, eight. Which is fabulous. Not so fabulous: it’s going to be in the twenties tonight, with a hard freeze. Hello? I am just waiting for the day when I can put my turtlenecks away for good, and everytime I think it’s safe….not so fast. Curses! Maybe later in the week. Hopefully.

have a good day everyone!