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So here’s my question for Tuesday: if you’re going to sing an Elton John song on American Idol, why would you pick, like, the hardest one to do?

Rocket Man. Someone Saved My Life Tonight. I mean, these are HARD songs to sing. When you listen to Elton John (and I grew up listening to a LOT of Elton John) he makes it sound easy, but it isn’t. Even “Crocodile Rock,” is hard, as we saw last night. Me, I would have picked later (easier?) Elton, like “I Guess That’s Why They Call it The Blues,” and “The One,” stuff that doesn’t require so much range. And where was “Tiny Dancer,” or “Candle in the Wind?” My husband kept waiting for someone to sing “Madman Across the Water,” but I told him no one was going to try it, it’s too long and totally impossible to sing. But I have to say the choices were strange. And where WAS Elton? Best Friend Bianca maintains that while he was there to help them get ready, that after seeing what was to come maybe he didn’t want to sit there and see his songs butchered. Could be. He’s also making a LOT of money playing Vegas, though. And who wouldn’t rather be in Vegas?

That’s the real question for Tuesday, isn’t it?

Meanwhile, I’m off to get my watch fixed today. (I know, my life is thrilling.) While in Florida a few weeks back, we stopped in at this outlet mall and there was a watch store. My watchband was all messed up, so I went in and started looking for a new watch. The truth is, I’m very change-adverse, in many ways, and I tend to get in ruts and then convince myself that I’m happy in said rut. So I looked at a few watches, but they were all really different, so I decided to just stick with what I had. Then my husband showed up and pointed out the whole rut thing, then started pulling all these watches for me to try on, including one I’d already looked at but decided was too “different.” After I tried it again, I decided I liked it. So we bought it, I wore it, loved it, couldn’t see how I’d ever lived without it, and everytime I said so out loud my husband got an “I told you so” in, so important in a marriage. (Seriously. They’re like currency.) Anyway, we’re back three weeks, and the watch stops. Just stops. So I have to go back to my old watch, with the broken band, and it just sucks.

This, I thought, is what I get when I try to break out of a rut. But maybe that’s the moral to this story: : take risks, and even if they don’t work out, you’ll have experienced something different. Or maybe it’ s something else. Like, don’t buy watches at outlet stores?

Yep, that’s probably it. Oh, well. Live and learn.

have a good day everyone!