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I just got the flyers for my reading a week from today, here at the Bull’s Head on the UNC Campus. They look so pretty. And they say “Sarah Dessen will debut her new novel,” which makes it sound so, oh, I don’ t know, official, I guess. I’ve read excerpts from The Truth About Forever here and there over the last few months from rough pages, and then galleys, but there’s something so nice about having the Real book and the first Real reading. I’m excited. (And this time, next week, I’ll be nervous. But excited is fine for now.)

(It’s at 3:30, April 15th, for you local types. I’m sure I’ll be promoting it shamelessly in the coming days.)

In other news, tomorrow is a holiday and I am preparing to settle in for a long weekend of total leisure. (After I deal with my taxes, tomorrow, that is.) With the shower and other stuff going on the last few weekends, it’s been a while since I could just look ahead and see a (mostly) clear calendar. So nice. I have to say, though, campus feels REALLY dead already. I have a feeling a lot of students have already left. We’ll see how empty my class is.


And so, in honor of Easter, and the long weekend, one last thing. I give you: Peeps, which, for some reason, have a huge and devoted following. (I was always more of a chocolate bunny type of gal myself, but that’s just me.) At any rate, some of these links are very interesting. If not strange.

have a good day everyone!