First things first:

My New nickname is Captain Dorkus A. Poopypants.
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So infantile, but what more do you want on a rainy Monday morning?

So much to talk about today, starting with this story, about a guy who gambled everything he owned on one roulette spin in Vegas. And won. Now, when I heard about this yesterday, how he was planning to do this, I said to my husband, “You know he’s going to win. Those casino owners in Vegas HAVE to make him win, however they do that sort of thing, because it will be a huge advertisting boost for Vegas.” Sure enough, this morning: he wins. Now, all the people who follow suit and DON’T have international press (and you know there will be more): well…..I’d just think twice. If I were you. But that’s just me. I’m, like, the most cautious person in the world. I went to Vegas and only played the quarter machines, and if I lost more than five bucks, I went to the pool. Again: just me.

In other news, there was a nice article about our upcoming N.C. Literary Festival yesterday. There was also, with it—although not on the web page that links to—this really old picture of me that was taken when I wrote an essay for the N&O at least six years ago. They took it on this median in the middle of Franklin Street, the main drag here (don’t ask) and I’m like craning my neck, looking up the street (again, don’t ask) and why they decided to use it for this article, I have no idea. What I do know is that everyone else is looking forward in their pictures, and then there’s me, looking like I’m hailing a cab in the middle of the Sunday section. So embarassing.

In the article, they discuss the films that are being shown at the festival:

There is also a concentration of films — not only screenings of “The Color Purple” and “Mystic River” but also “How to Deal,” based on a pair of Sarah Dessen books, and “Big Fish,” which Tim Burton made from Daniel Wallace’s first novel.

Okay. This is all well and good. But seriously: one of these does not fit with the others. And it’s mine. I mean, I love How to Deal, it’s a totally cute teen movie, but alongside “The Color Purple” and “Mystic River”? It’s a bit different, is it not? (“Bit” being an understatement.) But oh well. I’m going to go, and talk about the movie, and have a good time. So there.

Finally, last night I sat down and finally got to take the EW Pop Culture Quiz for this year. I scored an 81, which is pretty high, although not as well as I did last year. This one I think was harder, though. I couldn’t name all the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (I only got Michelangelo). I missed a question about whether Billy Bob Thornton had played the president in a 90’s movie (I was thinking of Love Actually, but duh, that came out this last year). But I was pretty proud of myself for being able to name all three Hanson brothers and their biggest hit, as well as getting both Twin Peaks questions right. Still, it wasn’t easy. But it’s nice to know all this useless information in my head was good for something.

have a good day everyone!