I probably shouldn’t post about this—how many LJ posts a day begin like that, I wonder—but I just can’t help myself. Today, I was walking to my car after class, listening to Dar on my IPod, minding my own damn business, and what happens?

I see a flasher. In the woods. Right there, on my right.

I mean, God. I was so annoyed. And offended. I had to call the cops, and deal with them—another story entirely, which I won’t tell, but suffice to say it wasn’t a crack CSI kind of experience—and then drive home in the rain, marvelling at how people in the world can really just ruin your day in one moment.

When I told my mother she said, “Oh, that happens a lot in the Spring.” Does it, though? If it does, it happens to other people, because this was a true first for me. And I was having such a good day! Walking along! Listening to Dar! (I think that, really, is what bothers me most about the whole thing, that it happened while I was listening to “After All,” which is just such a great song, and now I worry I’ll never hear it again without thinking of this. GRRRR!)


I’m going to have some chocolate and take a nap. I mean, what would you do?

have a good afternoon everyone….