This weekend, after a flurry of work related activities and events, I finally got to settle down and kick back. So what did I do? That’s right. I watched St. Elmo’s Fire.

Warning: 80’s flashbacks ahead!

I Tivo’d it a few weeks back, off of HBO2, so it has no commercials (bonus!) and I have to say, I love this movie. It is a serious exercise in nostalgia. First, consider this: Demi Moore is in this movie, and when it was released, Ashton Kutcher was seven years old. Seven! Also thought provoking: Demi looks younger NOW than she did then. Seriously. Her whole face is kind of different, actually. Must be all that yoga and living in Idaho. Maybe I should try that. Couldn’t hurt, at any rate.

But what I really love about this movie is Andrew McCarthy. Here’s what I decided last night: he’s like the original Chandler Bing, only not funny. Or not funny in the same way. He has that whole broody, hair-hanging-over-the-forehead thing going on, and I just adore him. The way he’s pining for Ally Sheedy is so romantic and sad at the same time.

Judd Nelson and Rob Lowe are so eighties in this (not that it’s their fault, of course, because it WAS the eighties) but it’s distracting in places, especially Rob Lowe’s semi-mullet and multiple earrings. But I have to say that the theme of this movie, the idea of what life is after college, is still really topical. I think someone should remake it. Maybe Ashton Kutcher could play the Rob Lowe part. Demi could play, well, Demi’s. (Like I said, she looks good!) And didn’t Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake want to do a project together? He could be the Andrew McCarthy character (cast against type!) and she could be Ally Sheedy’s, and on and on. Watch, it sounds like a stupid idea, but they ARE remaking Sixteen Candles, so anything’s possible. Just remember, you heard it here first!

Last night I also watched a Made that I’d been saving forever, and I have to say it was the best one yet. Nerdy girl wants to compete in pageant, sure, you’ve heard it before, but there was something about this one that I really liked. (Maybe it was the part where her family was at the theme restaurant and they were all dancing. Oh.My.Goodness.) But all turned out well, even when her date cheated on her at the Valentine’s Day dance. (Can you imagine doing something like that KNOWING millions of people would get to see it? What’s that all about?) I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it here: reality TV can be uplifting, every once in awhile. Even on MTV.

have a good day everyone!