Well, it’s not May 10th (although April is zipping by, isn’t it? Or maybe that’s just me) but it looks as though The Truth About Forever is now officially on sale, at least at Barnes and Noble, anyway. So that’s very exciting. I was at a B&N yesterday, killing time before I had to go do pickup duty at the airport, and I didn’t see it there in the YA section. So maybe it’s just an online thing. Still, though: exciting.

Today is busy, busy, busy, but the last busy day for awhile so I guess I won’t complain. Yesterday was a whirlwind as well. We had our first big rain in weeks (which finally washed all the pollen off my car, which had gone from a sort of bronze color to full out yellow) and it was coming down pretty hard as I finally got on the last main road towards home. And then, I started to see them.


Lots and lots of frogs, coming out of the grass and woods and hopping across the road. No joke. They were everywhere. It was kind of like that scene in Magnolia, except they weren’t falling from the sky (which would have REALLY freaked me out). It had been so long since it really rained I guess they were having some sort of frog party. I kept having to swerve to miss them, and they were all sizes, big ones, little tiny ones. Hopping all over the place. I guess this is yet another benefit of country living, along with daily cow sightings and the smell of fertilizer on summer mornings. At least it made the ride home exciting.

Tonight, I have to go to Raleigh to give a talk, which means I’ll be missing American Idol, although hopefully the TiVo will catch it. This is the week I guess we find out which will come out on top: talent, or hard-to-explain popularity. If Fantasia or LaToya go tomorrow, I guarantee an uproar. Just a prediction.

have a good day everyone!