And so: the semester is over.

Classes ended last Thursday, but yesterday I went down to campus and did all those last minute things, handed in grades, answered all the emails I’d been putting off, just Got Things Done. It always feels so weird when school is over for another year. Especially this semester, which either went by really quickly or dragged so slowly I thought time had actually stopped: it was day to day, to be honest. But now it’s over, and tomorrow I’ll wake up and think I have to go to campus…but I don’t. Which means: freedom? Time to relax? Well, not really. There is the book to promote. And I’m thinking that maybe, when that’s done, I should, oh, I don’t know, think about writing something. It might be time. We’ll see.

In other news, I missed American Idol last night, but I have it on Tivo so I’ll have to scan through it quickly to prepare myself for the elimination show tonight. Driving to Raleigh last night to speak at a Phi Beta Kappa dinner (which was really nice) all the radio stations were just bashing away at John Stevens. Now I agree he’s not as talented, maybe, as everyone on there, but goodness. Can you imagine, at sixteen (isn’t he sixteen?) going from being totally unknown to having people all over the country hate you? Yikes. I had enough self loathing at that age without taking into account what everyone else thought. Now, I’m the first to admit that I like American Idol just fine (okay, so I’m addicted) but let’s keep this in perspective. People were so riled up calling in about the voting last week, and now Elton John’s weighed in…all I have to say is that if we were all this invested in voting in ELECTIONS, it would be a wonderful thing. I’m just saying.

have a good day everyone!