I am feeling completely uncreative and uninspired today as far as writing goes. Usually I try to have SOMETHING I can say to all of you that I hope is interesting or thought provoking or whatever. But today: nada. Oh, well.

I guess what I’ll do instead is answer a few of the questions that I’ve been asked in comments lately. Give the people what they want, right?

First, the whole “Crazy Moon,” thing. Several people have seen this book some up on Amazon or the web and wonder if it’s a new book of mine, or a book they missed. Well, no. It’s actually the German (I think? or maybe Danish?) version of Keeping the Moon. So it’s the same book, different language. Likewise, sort of, with Last Chance, which is the UK version of Keeping the Moon. Same book, different country. And so on. Most of my books have been translated into other languages, although I rarely see the editions for sale online like this one is. My personal favorite is Vores Nat, which is the Danish version of Someone Like You. I just like the way it sounds, like a command: Vores Nat!

Second, the tour. I have to say I’m so flattered that so many people want me to come to their town. I wish I could go everywhere—okay, maybe not everywhere, but more places—but this is set up as one whirlwind week, and a lot of planning went into where I’m going by my wonderful publicist Allison, who knows her stuff. Hopefully someday I’ll get everywhere else I’ve been invited. I’d love to do a road trip, crisscrossing the country and going all over the place. Could happen, you never know.

Third, will there be a sequel to This Lullaby? Well, I can’t say, but if I had to, I’d say no, for the same reason I’ve always said I wouldn’t do a sequel to Someone Like You, although there was great demand for it. I just have rarely found that sequels live up to the original (Megan McCafferty’s novels being a rare exception) and I think I did the best I could by Remy and Dexter the first time around.

And finally, how excited am I that yesterday I went and bought Love, Actually on DVD? (Okay, so no one’s asked this, but I’m sharing it anyway.) The answer is: very. Last night I spent catching up on my Starting Overs (BIG drama there, oh my goodness) as well as American Idol (about time, is all I have to say) and the O.C. (paging Melrose Place, anyone, with the poolfight?) so I didn’t get to watch it yet. But this weekend I am sure I will be in front of the TV, alternately laughing and weeping. I just loved that movie, it was just what I needed at Christmas, and now will be the perfect ticket for summer. Score!

And here ends our question and answer program.

have a good day everyone!