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Okay, so last night I FINALLY got to the movies, after talking about going for ages. I saw 13 Going On 30, and I thought it was very cute.

It’s interesting to see a movie about someone who wants to be older when you feel positively ancient, as well as hopelessly married. (This is not necessarily a bad thing: bear with me, here.) My husband and I both really wanted to go to the movies, just not the SAME movie. He wanted to see Kill Bill 2, and I was in the mood for fluffy chick-flick stuff, either Mean Girls or the Jennifer Garner movie. Neither of us was willing to compromise, so we went to dinner, then to the theatre, and went our separate ways. Which was really weird. Even weirder was that until the previews started, I had the entire theatre to myself. At any rate, he loved Kill Bill 2 (better than the first, in his opinion) and I thought, as said above, 13 Going On 30 was very sweet and fluffy and pretty much entirely forgettable (not that this is a bad thing, either). I have to say that I REALLY loved Mark Ruffalo in this, although he seemed to be totally slumming. You know how you can just tell when someone is a MUCH better actor than everyone else onscreen? Yeah. It was like that.

Speaking of fluffy fun movies I’ve seen in almost totally empty movie houses, Chasing Liberty is now out on DVD, and I have to say, if you’re looking for a rental that is just cute and fun, this is just the ticket for you. Plus it will make you want to go to Europe, like, immediately. It’s not Citizen Kane (but what is? other than Citizen Kane, that is?) but I recommend it as far as sweet teen movies go. Plus I do like that Mandy Moore. What can I say, I’m biased.

Also at the movies last night, I witnessed a new and slightly frightening phenomenon: self-serve popcorn butter. People, this is dangerous. At the theatre where we were, you buy your popcorn and then they gesture you down to this little machine where you push a button and out comes the butter. Now, I’m usually a no-butter person, or maybe just a little, but it’s hard to control yourself when given that kind of total freedom. The guy in front of me COMPLETELY saturated his, I mean, he spent over a minute there, pushing the button. Good God. I was seriously worried about his arteries. This cannot turn out well.

Finally, I was at my local Borders last night, and the new book was on The Table, you know, the one right when you come in, with all the new hardbacks. Not just in Children’s, or Teens, but right there, with Marian Keyes’s latest right near it (which is very good, by the way). I was so happy. I’ve *always* wanted to be on the table. My friend Julia was working there, and she asked if I’d sign some stock, which was also every exciting. She told me to just get started, then went off to find some stickers to put on them so people would know they were autographed. So I go up to the table, and start signing, and this woman who is browsing next to me is looking at me like I am a crazy person defacing books, which made me totally paranoid, and then I started worrying some other staff member might come by and think the same thing, but luckily then Julia reappared and all was well. I could just see me getting hauled off to Borders Jail to explain myself. How embarrassing.

Okay, hugely long entry, sorry about that. Have a good day everyone!