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So tomorrow night is the finale of Friends, and doesn’t it feel like the timing of the hype is just all off? There were so many articles and interviews back when they taped the last episode months ago that it all feels sort of anticlimactic. But of course I’ll be watching. I mean, please.

Friends is one of those shows I just know by heart. I’ve seen every episode at least twice, and know entirely too much about all the characters (I took two quizzes this week in different magazines, testing Friends trivia, and missed only a handful of questions, of which I was quite proud, I have to say). After 9/11, when I was I so news obsessed that I had to make myself turn it off now and then, my DVDs of Friends shows were a certain comfort that just calmed me down for about twenty-eight minutes or so. And then there’s the certain language of Friends, just lines that have stuck with me. Yesterday, my husband was saying something, and he said, “That would be perfection.” Then he paused and added, “No, that’s gum. Gum would be perfection.”

See, to anyone else, that wouldn’t have made any sense. But of course I know that’s what Chandler says when he’s trapped in the ATM vestibule with Jill Goodacre. It actually MEANS something to me. As do these things:

“Tartlet. Tartlet. Tartlet. Word’s lost all meaning.”
“You should be. I’m very bendy.”
“That’s not even a word!” (and, of course, Miss Chanandler Bong).
“And that, my friend, is what we call closure.

And on and on. I was watching the Kentucky Derby with some folks this past weekend, and a woman there was complaining about how the New York Times Crossword now sometimes has questions about pop culture and television. There was an ad on for the Friends finale, which prompted this, and she said, “I mean, who actually knows who these people are?” And I thought: well, I do. Really well, actually. And I’ll be sad to see it go, even if it is way too hyped, and even if you sort of can guess what’s going to happen. Because endings are important.

In other news, thanks to everyone for the nice comments about the book coming out. I’m feeling less nervous and just more, I don’t know, ready, I guess. It’s on sale on Amazon now, and next weekend I leave for my book tour, and it’s all happening, and…..if I just remind myself to breathe every now and then, I do just fine. But the support is great, and I do appreciate it. So thanks.

Now, I’m off to the dry cleaners. Oh, life of luxury!

have a good day everyone….