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Well, the Friends finale was sweet. And now it’s over. Moving on!

We are under a code orange here today. (Doesn’t that sound scary?) It means that air quality is not good, so we shouldn’t spend too much time outside. We might have a code red by the end of the weekend (doesn’t that sound REALLY scary?). I feel like I’m living in a Star Trek world, or something. Welcome to summer in North Carolina, I guess. It used to be all you had to worry about was the high humidity (sometimes it feels like you’re living in a sponge, I swear) and the screaming of cicadas and tree frogs all night long. Now, you have to worry about breathing. And that’s not a good thing.

Also today, but in no way related to breathing, or Code Red, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen have their first big-screen movie coming out, New York Minute. I am not in the chosen demographic for this film (by a long shot) but something about these girls intrigues me. I don’t know what it is, exactly. I watched them on Oprah a couple of weeks back, and they just…I don’t know. They seem like one person, divided, but not really: they finish each other’s sentences, look at each other before beginning said sentences: it’s like a mind meld, or something. Although I did like what they said about having to choose between Senior Prom and hosting Saturday Night Live. Can you imagine?

(I can’t. I could barely manage to function when I was in high school, much less get up in front of the world on live TV. But that’s me.)

Now, I’m off to run errands before it gets too hot. It’s supposed to be ninety degrees today, which means it may be the inagural turning on of our air conditioning, which I’ve managed to resist until now. Forget humidity and cicadas, that’s the real beginning of summer. I mean, if you have to be inside, you might as well be cool. Right? Right.

have a good day everyone!