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Okay, so today is the *official* pub date for The Truth About Forever. And even though it’s been on sale in various places for awhile now, I still feel the need to take note of it, because I am just that kind of person. I love a good milestone.

I also want to say a quick thanks to everyone who’s been reporting back about the book appearing in their local store, as it’s always nice to know where I’m getting good placement. (Writing that, and then reading it back, it looks sort of weird, if not suspect, but you get what I mean). To the person that asked me if I’d seen the display that’s out in some stores, which has the new book and the paperbacks and a big cardboard thing with my name on it, the answer is YES, and I completely freaked. Last week I was driving past one of my local B&N stores, so I decided to pop in on the sly and just see if they had the book yet. I went to the YA section, nope. (Although the Lullaby paperback was there, which made me happy.) So decided to check the new hardbacks table, on the off chance it might be there (hopes up!) but nope. So by this point I’m like, oh, well, maybe it’ll come in later, and just as I’m about to walk out of the store I glance over my shoulder and there’s this big, cardboard stand-alone display, right next to the new paperback table, and it’s got my name on it in huge letters and I must have walked past it at least three times, which is sort of worrisome, I mean, how could I miss that? At any rate, I just stood there for a second, staring at it, until the whole thing got too surreal and I had to step away lest I seem somewhat obsessed or strange. Then I went out to my car and called my husband and shrieked like a total nerd. Very exciting.

Speaking of bookstores, tomorrow I’m headed down to the beach to read at Bristol Books in Wilmington, NC. Saturday, I’m at Quail Ridge, in Raleigh, and then it’s off on the whirlwind book tour on Sunday. This week is all about running errands, trying to remember to drop off my dry cleaning, and spending time with my dogs so I don’t go into too much withdrawl when I’m away from them. (My husband too, of course. Can’t forget him!) Basically, the next three weeks are all about the book, as they well should be. Time to get to work!

Speaking of which, I was reading this article in the online New York Times this morning about how for some writers, book readings have become more like performances. They profiled a writer who brought his guitar when he read, then smashed it when he was finished. Which makes me think my little program (reading an excerpt, taking questions) is a bit dull. But I don’t play guitar. In fact, I have no musical talent (my brother got every bit of that genetic gift). In fact, writing is really the only thing I’m decent at, along with shopping, whining, and making devilled eggs. I can’t really shop and whine to entertain people, now can I? And the devilled eggs, while unique, would be sort of messy and labor intensive, especially for a big crowd. I guess I’ll just stick to reading. Unless I can think of something really good by tomorrow….

have a good day everyone!