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Oh, man, how is it already Thursday? And I leave Sunday. With Saturday fully booked up with stuff to do.

*panics slightly*

Okay, so right after I wrote that, above, my dogs started barking like crazy downstairs. Because my office is up here, and I’m always having to go up and down seeing what they’re getting into, I’ve learned the various barks and what they mean. There’s the short, combatitive bark, which indicates some sort of power play is about to happen over the best sleeping spot at that given time. There’s the “there’s a random dog trotting down the road” bark, which is loud and spirited and over quickly. And then there’s the “there’s something in the yard!” bark, which is usually used when the deer are passing through and eating my plants, which is sort of handy, actually. So that’s the bark I heard, a minute ago up here. It went on for awhile, so I went to see if the deer WERE chowing down on my roses, but the dogs were at the back door, and it wasn’t a deer. It was this:

That’s right. A snapping turtle, just making its way past our grill to burrow down under the porch. Ah, nature! So I got my camera and went outside to take a snap, since my husband is into reptiles, and because I love turtles, although box turtles aren’t quite as scary. This one was pretty big, about as big as a dinner plate, and when he looked up and saw me, he opened his mouth, which is an aggressive thing, I guess. (There was a fence between us, so I wasn’t really worried, and it IS a turtle, and therefore slow.) Meanwhile, my dogs are inside going crazy barking, but I don’t want to let them out to traumatize the turtle. So I take my picture, and then go in, and the turtle’s slowly going under the grill (whatever) so I decide to let them out. They’re so pumped they go skidding out the door, and in a chain of events that could only happen here in my house before nine in the morning, Scout kicks the bed she was on to the side, which crashes into a standing fountain I have, which topples over and crashes to the floor, shattering and breaking the decorative plate it was on (which was a wedding gift).

Honestly. All this, for a turtle. And by the time they get out there, he’s under the grill, they can’t see him, so they just sniff around and them come back inside. While I glare at them. And vaccuum up the mess. Like I said: Ah, nature!


Okay, enough wildlife chronicles. I have to get back to my own wild life, i.e. packing and running errands and trying very hard to take deep, calming breaths. I think I’ll try one right now, actually. In. Out. In. Out. Much better.

have a good day everyone!