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So I leave on Sunday and tomorrow is v.v. busy (to quote Bridget Jones, sort of) so this may be the last entry you see from me for a week or so. I got my itinerary yesterday, and to say this tour is a whirlwind is an understatement. But I am rested. Tanned. (Not really). Ready. (Hopefully). I’ve been taking vitamins and trying to sleep and focusing on deep, cleansing breaths. And yesterday I went shopping, which is always a good way to prepare for anything. Bring it on!

Before I go, a few things. One, tomorrow, Saturday, I’ll be at Quail Ridge Books in Raleigh, which is a great store, always a great time.

Speaking of appearances, to check out my tour schedule (and see if I’m coming anywhere near you) click here. If you’re in the area, ya’ll come out, as we say down in these parts.

Finally, because I will be gone in a week, I thought I’d leave you with some links to some good sites that I like, you know, to keep you entertained. Or not. Up to you, no pressure:

First, the incredibly funny Ryan McGee, who makes my knowledge of pop culture look positively piddling. (Nice alliteration, huh?)

And then there’s Jennifer Weiner’s site which I think is funny and great, all about writing and motherhood and seeing her book be made into a movie starring the woman my husband wishes was his girlfriend, Cameron Diaz.

Page Six, because I always link to Page Six. I am addicted. So let me just spread my addiction around.

For your TV fix, I give you: Television Without Pity. Consider yourself fully armed for that water cooler chat with your co-workers. No more will you not know what they’re talking about! All the info you need on every show is right here.

And finally, for those of you with some serious procrastination issues (or, as you probably like to think of it, time on your hands), two sites chock full o’quizzes: first, Rum and Monkey, and also Quizilla. Enjoy. And you know you will.

So that’s it, for now. I’m not taking my laptop on this tour, as it’s One More Thing To Deal With, but I will try my best to update when I can through other means. Thanks for all the support in the last couple of weeks, with the book coming out, and I’m glad so many of you are enjoying it. (And catching the little things I threw in for sharp-eyed readers from the other books. Very clever, you!) Have a great week or so, and I’ll be back soon with pictures and tall tales. Or tales, at least.

have a great day everyone!