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Hello from Pennsylvania!

It’s now day 3 of the tour and so far, so good. It’s been busy but REALLY fun. Last night I did my first bookstore appearance, at the Buckhill Bookshop, and it was just great. I could not believe how many people showed up. Amazing! And none of them were related to me/went to high school with me/used to be customers of mine at the Burrito, which is usually the case whenever I draw a big crowd. Thanks to everyone there for such a nice event.

Meanwhile, tomorrow, I head off for California, and then Washington State. And then, eventually, home. Some highlights from the road so far:

*driving through Georgetown, in D.C. and having serious shopping envy as we passed all these GREAT stores with no time to stop (maybe next time!)

*eating shrimp and grits at a fabulous restaurant in D.C. with some great booksellers. I love shrimp and grits, and Bianca, if you’re reading this, they were ALMOST as good as Crook’s, but not as good as at your rehearsal dinner. Oh, and hello, too. 🙂

*cheese blintzes, which I have discovered at two hotel breakfast buffets. I never used to try them, but now, I am officially addicted. Yum!

*meeting so many girls with cool names from Linden Hall (or Linville?) last night at the reading that I think I am SET for narrator names for awhile

*and finally, having a couple of hours to check my email this morning, read the paper, and breathe before everything gets crazy again.

Thanks to everyone for their nice comments. I’m glad you’re all liking the book (or most of you are, anyway). To see where I’ll be next, check out my previous entry, which has a link to the appearances page on my website (I can’t figure out links here on this computer, at the business center of my hotel: haven’t had enough coffee).

Hopefully I’ll be able to update again soon. Have a good day everyone!