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Okay, so I’m in Seattle, it’s 7:11 am, but I honestly had to stop and think for a second before writing that. I have totally lost track of time, not to mention where I am. What a crazy week!

Here’s the truth, though: it’s been really, really fun. I’ve met so many great people, and wonderful booksellers, and eaten tons of room service and today, I finally get to go SHOPPING which I am looking forward to more than you can even imagine. Tonight, I fly home. And tomorrow…I collapse. I think.

I’ll give a full recap once I get some rest (why am I up at 7 am? why, God, why?) But I want to say hello and thanks to a few folks first: my wonderful reps Doni, Holly, Kelly and Colleen, who have babysat me and gotten me where I’ve needed to be. All the booksellers, who put together great programs and events. And of course, my readers, especially the fervent ten or so that showed up at the Barnes and Noble in Pennyslvania on a Tuesday afternoon (you Jersey Girls know who you are!). Thanks to everyone who has driven or been driven a long distance, like the girls on Thursday in Mission Viejo: you guys have no idea how much it means to me. Really.

As an added plus, the new book got a starred review in School Library Journal. Yay!

Now, I’m off to eat breakfast, then go back to my room to hang out with Paul, the complimentary goldfish that this hotel puts in your room to keep you company. How cool is that?

I hope you are all doing well, and thanks again so much for the support.

have a great day everyone!