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Okay, so I’m home, but still recovering from the tour. It was so fun, but man, was I tired when I got back here at 7:30 am on Sunday. I flew out of Seattle at 10:30, did not sleep on the plane, was up all night until I got back here, unpacked, took a shower, and totally collapsed. All I’ve done since is sleep and eat. (It’s been very nice.) And I kept waking up last night, wondering where I was, until I realized: home. Ah, yes. Home. I really like it here.

But I also really liked meeting so many people on tour. To see some highlights

First, I had a dinner with some great booksellers at a fabulous restaurant in D.C. I ate so much I felt sick. But in a good way.

Then, it was off to my first bookstore signing, at the Buckhill Bookshop in Pennsylvania. Here’s me reading:


And posing with their fabulous staff:

The next day, I went to a few other places in Pennsylvania. At one, I had a banner:

and met my official New Jersey Fan Club, as well as some diehard readers who showed up early and stayed late:

Then it was off to Sunny California, and Vroman’s, where I finally got to meet Dallas, bookseller extraordinaire:

Two days later, I headed for Seattle, where I met Madeleine, Lesli and Melissa:

and finally to Mt. Vernon Washington, where Anande and her mom drove two hours to see me:

I capped off the trip by hanging out in Seattle with my new friend Paul, courtesy of the Monaco Hotel:

Speaking of appearances, tomorrow night at 7pm I’ll be at the Regulator Bookshop in Durham, followed by McIntyre’s at Fearrington on Saturday at 11 and then Branch’s Chapel Hill Bookstore on Sunday at 2pm.

Also, according to Twist Magazine, The Truth About Forever is a so rad read . Which is very nice. I’ll take it!

Before I go, a final thanks to everyone who came out to see me, including all of you who aren’t pictured. I really, really appreciate the support. And now that I’m home, I can get back to basics. Like my husband. And dogs. And Starting Over on Tivo. And American Idol! Oh, my God….I’ve missed a lot. Better go catch up. Right now.

have a great evening everyone!