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So I’m just on the phone with Dell, ordering a new scanner/fax/copier (long story) and the girl breaks from her standard sales spiel and says, “Oh, so you’re from North Carolina?” And I say yes. And she says, “Did you watch American Idol last night?” I say I did, that we obviously grow good singers here, with Fantasia and Raleigh’s Own Clay Aiken (which you are required to call him, if you live in these parts). She asks me if I voted, I say no and when I ask if she did, she says, “Yes, but I was voting for Diana.” Oh, well. Can’t please everyone, right?

I think Idol was awfully anti-climactic this year. I mean, for the last two seasons you were really wondering who was going to take it, but my conspiracy theories aside, Fantasia was a bit of a shoo-in. But you know who I was really thinking about last night? Justin Guarini. I mean, there’s Kelly, and Clay, and Reuben, and even Christina freaking Christian, but where’s Justin? Forgotten. Sitting at the bar at Applebee’s in some city, swigging a mai-tai and pointing with a wobbly finger at the TV over the bartender’s head, saying “That should be ME!” before he’s escorted out to the parking lot by some waitress wearing lots of Riblet buttons.

(Oh, man. Where did THAT come from? I think it’s time to start writing again. Just a hunch.)

Meanwhile, Memorial Day weekend begins tomorrow (or for the truly slack, today, or even yesterday), the official beginning of summer, my FAVORITE season. I am so happy that it’s here I don’t even care that it’s been ninety degrees for days on end. Memorial Day weekend is also the official beginning of Devilled Egg season for me—I’ll make my first batch this weekend, and continue doing so all the way to Labor Day—so I thought I’d include my recipe (if you can even call it that) for the curious. Or brave. Or whatever.

Here’s what you do:

First, hard boil some eggs. What I do is get the water boiling, add a bunch of salt (makes them easier to peel) then stick in the eggs and turn the water down. Cook for ten minutes, turn water off. Leave another five minutes or so. Then, I dump out the water and fill the pot back up with cold water and ice cubes to cool them down. (I know this sounds obsessive, it’s just how I do it, I’m sure you have your own way of hard boiling eggs). When they’re cooled, peel and slice lengthwise and scrape out the yolks into a bowl. Set whites aside.

Mash up the yolks in your bowl. Now this is where it gets tricky: I don’t ever measure the condiments as I add them, just do it a little bit at time until the mix tastes good to me. So put some (vague enough for you?) mayonnaise (I use Kraft Light Mayo), yellow mustard, and sweet relish, and mix it up. Keep adding in smaller increments until it tastes the way you want. (i.e. good.) Also, add salt and ground pepper. When it all tastes right, start scooping the yolk mix back into the whites, one at a time, and sprinkle each with a little shake of paprika. If you’re a real devilled egg geek like myself, you can then display them in your specialized devilled egg plate. But a regular plate works just fine too. Then, eat. And enjoy.

As with all favorite recipes, there are tons of variations on this. Some people add tabasco, some people hate the sweet relish (my husband won’t eat them without it) and on and on. All I know is that everyone loves devilled eggs. (Or is that meatballs? Or maybe both.) They may be labor intensive, but they’re worth it. Yum!

I hope you all have a great weekend. Egg it up! I’ll be doing the same.

have a good day everyone!