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Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

I, personally, am not going out of town this weekend (in fact, I’m doing bookstore stuff: McIntryre’s Fine Books and Bookends, at Fearrington Village, on Saturday at 11, and Branch’s Chapel Hill Bookstore on Sunday at 2) but if you are, I hope you have a safe trip.

When I’m not doing book stuff, or making devilled eggs, I might even go see a movie. My husband is intrigued by The Day After Tomorrow, which looks ready-made to give me a total panic attack (I am too anxious for Armageddon-type movies, in these already nervous times), and Saved! won’t open here for awhile, so it’s either Shrek or Raising Helen. Or Mean Girls, which I STILL haven’t seen (I know, I know). Or maybe, I’ll just hide out and watch my Sex in the City, Season Six (part one) or the new Buffy DVD my former student Ginger gave me when I was in Pasadena. Oh, the possibilities. It boggles the mind. Truly.

have a great weekend everyone….