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Quick entry today as I am 1) needing desperately to run errands and 2) off to a late start because my dog was up sick all night. Fun! Fun!

Yesterday I was at my local Borders, where I decided to buy Chasing Liberty. As I’m walking across the store, I see my friend Julia, bookseller extraordinaire, so I go over to thank her for all the great placement of the new book and the paperbacks all over the store (and on the Table, very important, as discussed here earlier) AND a huge, dry-mounted The Truth About Forever cover in the cafe (which shocked me greatly when I happened to glance over and see it). But anyway. I’m talking to Julia, and she asks me to sign some stock, and then I meet a bunch of other booksellers and meanwhile, I’m there with my Mandy Moore DVD while signing copies of the How to Deal book with Mandy on the cover, and I’m thinking…l look a little obsessed. Or strange. But I’m really not. I promise!

Speaking of books, I know I mentioned this yesterday, but I do adore David Sedaris, and this morning he was on NPR’s Morning Edition, which I also adore (although I miss Bob Edwards), talking about his new book. If you go to that link you can also hear excerpts, which sound great.

Finally, for those who were asking about my birthday. First, thank you for asking. And second, it’s on Sunday, June 6th. I will be (gulp) 34. Yikes! I’m doing my best to deal with this, it’s a day to day thing. But I DO love birthdays.

Now, I’m off to Target (which I also love: this is a lovefest of an entry, isn’t it?). Have a good day everyone!