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It’s Friday, beginning of my birthday weekend (and yes, I do stretch it out to three days) and I wake up to good news: 90210 is coming to DVD!. Okay, so it’s just the pilot episode, but still. Very Exciting. And it can only mean that the rest of the episodes will come out, eventually. All I have to say is: Donna Martin Graduates! And if you know what that means, you’re as big of a 90210 nerd as I am, and I am a BIG 90210 nerd. I watched all the way to the end, long after it was still cool to do so. And my Luke Perry fixation: still there. A bit less huge, but intact.

Meanwhile, speaking of shows that I watch that aren’t cool, Starting Over has its season finale today, and it looks like they’re kicking everyone out awfully quickly, progress be damned. Which is sort of odd. I mean, they kept P.J. there FOREVER, but they’re just letting Josie and the baby leave because the seasons’s over? I think something fishy is going on. Like maybe, the show’s been cancelled? So there can’t BE anyone left in the house? Does ANYBODY watch this show besides me? Hello?

*sound of crickets chirping*

Well. Maybe that’s why it could be cancelled. Hmmm.

Today, I am off to do fun stuff (i.e. not work or workout or think about doing either). It’s also pouring down rain, but I don’t even care. All I can think is that sometime in the next seventy-two hours, I will get some birthday cake. And man, do I love birthday cake. Yessss!

Speaking of which, thanks again to everyone for such great birthday wishes, I really appreciate it. It means more than you know. And I’m getting okay with the whole 34 thing, coming around to the idea. It’s not so bad, really. I earned all these years, is how I see it. I wouldn’t want to be anyplace else. Okay, well, maybe Maui, at the Four Seasons, with Luke Perry. But you can’t have everything.

have a great day everyone!