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So it’s officially my birthday, I’m still in my pajamas and about to go have cake for breakfast (yum!), and wasn’t even planning to update, but I just feel compelled to now that it’s official: Jennifer Lopez got married again. .

Hello? She only broke up with Ben Affleck six months ago. Can you say dysfunctional? Or marriage-crazed? Or, no, wait, WEDDING crazed. The marriage part (this is her third, remember) she’s had more trouble with. Oh.My.Goodness. Doesn’t she have any girlfriends to pull her aside, maybe give her a good Moonstruck-style “Snap out of it!” smack and tell her NO, you DON’T have to marry a guy just because you’re dating and it’s OKAY to be alone, really, in fact maybe even healthy, especially after a huge, high profile relationship crashes and burns? Can you say REBOUND?

Why do I even care about this?

*takes deep breath*

Okay, enough ranting. I’m going to eat cake. Thanks for all the birthday wishes, and have a great day everyone….