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I had a great three days of birthday. In fact, I am still recovering. But it’s Monday, and time to move on. So I will. Albeit slowly.

So last night I watched the Season Finale of The Sopranos, which was great. And now IT’S over until 2005 (they always make us wait!) which leaves me with an even shorter list of things to watch this summer. You would think with hundreds of channels, and new programming (unlike the old days, when summer was all reruns) I’d already have a bunch of stuff I’d be excited about watching. But…no. Not really. Instead it’s looking like a long couple of months packed with The Lance Armstrong Chronicles and Road to the Tour (my husband is Tour de France obsessed) as well as American Hot Rod and American Chopper. All of HIS shows are still going. With new episodes! Which is just so freaking unfair.


It’s all for the best, though, because I do want to do some serious reading this summer. I just finished Augusten Burroughs’ Dry, which was harrowing but darkly funny and very good. Now I’m reading Wonderland, a nonfiction book about a year in the life of a Pennsylvania high school. I bought it yesterday and am RACING through it. Very compelling. I also would recommend, in the chick lit arena, the new book from Marian Keyes, The Other Side of the Story (she just keeps getting better) Sophie Kinsella’s Can You Keep a Secret? (frothy and quick, but fun) and the new Helen Fielding, Olivia Joules and the Overactive Imagination, although it is NOTHING like Bridget Jones. And yesterday, out browsing at a Barnes and Noble, I saw about a hundred other books I want to read as well. Who needs television?

(Oh, who am I kidding. I mean, really. But anyway.)

Thanks again for all the kind wishes over the last few days. I am continually surprised at the number of folks who seem to be reading my silly daily ramblings, and flattered you keep coming back for more. And the support for the new book has been great. Much, much appreciated!

have a good day everyone!