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First, a little plug:

I just started reading the other stories in this book and they’re really good. I recommend it!

Also recommended (and good): Singles , which I Tivoed over the weekend and watched last night. With VH1 about to start I Love the 90’s, it seems only right to begin the nostalgia properly, with this movie, which is from 1992. Matt Dillon is all grunged out, Eddie Vedder is in it, Bridget Fonda is adorable (and also grungy, but in a cute way) and it’s set in Seattle…what more do you want? Maybe that Cameron Crowe, who I LOVE—he did Almost Famous, Jerry Maguire, Say Anything—directed it? Done. It’s just a sweet little movie, that’s the best way to describe it, and it’s kind of fun to check out all that nineties fashion. Plus, as in any Cameron Crowe movie, the music is awesome.

In other news, thanks to everyone who keeps asking about when I’ll have a new book out. The truth is, I don’ t know. I’m pretty wiped out right now from writing the last one, to be honest, but I figure eventually I’ll get bored and get back to work, once I have some time off. As soon as I have anything to share, I’ll let you know. I promise. And to everyone who has been asking about the possibility of the This Lullaby movie: it is under option with New Line, but there are about a million more steps to go through before it could actually happen. But I do agree with you about Adam Brody, he would make a nice Dexter. Unfortunately, though, I’m not in charge of such things. I wish!

have a good day everyone…..(oh, and happy birthday AnnaMo!)