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Okay, so big weekend coming up, with a wedding (I’m a bridesmaid!) and with it, a favor. My friend who is getting married called last night and said that for her toast, she wants to reference a movie, a love story, in which two people who were meant to be together keep missing each other, sometimes just barely, because of twists of fate or whatever, before finally finding each other. I immediately thought of “Serendipity,” with John Cusak, but that wasn’t the greatest movie, and I know there are better ones. I guess “Sleepless in Seattle” kind of counts, right? But surely there must be others. If you can think of one, leave a comment. My friend (and I) thank you.

Speaking of movies, this weekend we have the remake of The Stepford Wives. It’s interesting that they’re taking what was essentially a thriller and making it into a comedy. But the trailer, which I saw the other day before Mean Girls, looks really good. The original movie was, in a word, creepy. I just saw it on TV, on Bravo or something, a year or so ago. *shudder* At any rate, looks interesting. Plus, I am HOPING that Saved! makes it here this weekend, since it is supposed to be opening wide, but sometimes that still doesn’t mean it comes down here to Cackalack (as we sometimes call ourselves). Here’s hoping.

Finally, continuing the movie vein, yesterday I went to see Raising Helen, which was very cute, if a bit long. (Did anyone else feel that way? I found myself looking at my watch at the hour and fifty minute mark. Never a good sign, the watch-looking thing.) I have to say, though, that Kate Hudson is adorable. And I could NOT stop looking at her hair. It’s like a character all on its own. I would KILL for hair like that. But I guess then you’d need her face, to really pull it off, and her body, and then, well, you’d just have to be Kate Hudson, so nevermind. At any rate, very sweet, love Joan Cusak (who always makes any role more memorable than it would have been were anyone else playing it) and, most important, the popcorn was delicious. All good, people. All good.

have a great day everyone!