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First, please: a moment for Ray Charles.

When I heard he’d died, I immediately tried to think of my favorite song of his. Then I realized that there were way too many. I love his “Come Rain or Come Shine,” as well as “Georgia,” but I think that for sentimental reasons, it’s always going to be his “Shake Your Tailfeather,” from The Blues Brothers (my husband’s all time favorite movie) that I like the best. But again, it’s hard to say. I plan to honor Mr. Charles by listening to his music all day, and I suggest you do the same, even if you aren’t all that familiar with his work. In fact, if that’s the case, I say you take TWO days to immerse yourself in his genius. Just a suggestion.

Second: thanks SO MUCH for all the movie suggestions. As usual, you guys come through for me. That’s why I love LiveJournal, no matter what the question, someone will offer up an answer. Or 53 answers. And counting. I’ll let you know if my friend (the bride!) uses any of your ideas in her speech. Personally, I’m excited for a wedding weekend, I love weddings, especially since I just celebrated my own four year anniversary yesterday. This time four years ago, I was on my way to Bermuda. Man, THAT was nice.

Finally, a word about Tivo. There’s this thing on Tivo called Tivo Suggestions that I believe I’ve mentioned here before. The basic idea is that the system looks at what you choose to tape, and then tapes other things that are similiar to it, in case you might be interested in them. But you have to wonder what reasoning, exactly, they use. I get a lot of Lifetime movies, episodes of Cops (?????) and last night, From Justin to Kelly, the American Idol movie. I mean…huh? Should I be insulted that Tivo thinks I would enjoy this? (Confession: I did flip over and watch the first few minutes, until everyone was dancing in tandem on the beach. Bizarre! Not to mention Justin’s hair, which looks really strange, especially when you’ve been away from it for awhile). I think I prefer the Lifetime movies, to be honest. The Cops I could do without. But apparently, this is Tivo logic. And I guess it makes sense, in its own way.

Now, I’m off to a luncheon and a weekend that is All About Leigh. Have a good day everyone!