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So last night we went to see Saved! and I thought it was GREAT. Seriously. Funny, cynical, and Mandy Moore was fabulous, I’m so happy for her that she found a role that was obviously so fun for her to play. Monday night, 6:20 show, and it was pretty crowded, to boot. Impressive. Maybe you CAN have a smaller budget teen movie come out in the midst of summer blockbusters and it will do well. Who knew?

In other news, my brother, sister in law and nephew sent me a birthday package, which arrived yesterday. In it: a picture done by my nephew, some bath beads, a CD full of cool music like Celia Cruz and Laurie Anderson (quite a mix, I know) and a button, which I think is kind of a joke. It says NO PROBLEM. My husband took one look at it, snorted, and then said, “Oh, yeah, that’s the perfect button for you. Sums you up entirely.” Ha ha. But this is just what I was talking about yesterday, how I want to change my nervous nellie, anxiety-girl image. I’m working on it. And soon, that button WILL sum me up. Just you wait!

In the meantime, in true slightly nerd fashion, I’ve decided to start keeping a list of all the books I read this summer. I’m hoping it will motivate me to read even more than I would otherwise, and I’m only keeping track of books read since June first. So far I only have Wonderland, by Michael Bamberger, which I thought was great. And I’m tandem reading Sixteen (one story at a time) with The Big Love by Sarah Dunn (very entertaining, sort of like Shannon Olson’s Welcome to my Planet). Today I think I’ll head out to the bookstore and see what I want to read next. I will be so freaking literary by August. Again: Just you wait!

Speaking of books, last night, before the movie, I went to the Barnes and Noble adjacent to the theatre, took a deep breath, and asked an employee if I could sign some stock. This is a BIG step for me, as I am much more comfortable moving stealthily along the stacks, checking to make sure my books are there and creeping silently away. Actually introducing myself and seeing if they want me to sign is much harder. (I’ve done it at two other stores here, but I knew folks there, so it doesn’t really count.) I’d been told by my wonderful reps Holly, Doni, Kelly and Colleen that I absolutely should always offer to sign stock, that bookstores like having signed copies, that readers like BUYING signed copies, but I still get all freaked, sure the bookstore will say no, thanks, we’re not interested. Luckily, that didn’t happen last night. They were happy to have me sign, albeit surprised when I plopped down on the floor in the Teen section to do so (I guess big time authors wait for chairs? Oops). Anyway. One small step, and all that. By the end of the summer, it will be second nature. Just you wait!

(Why do I keep saying that? So weird.)

have a good day everyone!