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You know when you’re just SURE that you’re right about something, but you don’t have proof, and you can’t FIND proof, and how that’s really freaking frustrating? You do? Good. Then you’ll understand why I am asking here if anybody knows where Ben Folds went to high school. Let me explain.

Yesterday, I had lunch with my wonderful cousin Emily and her friend M.K. (equally wonderful). They are big Ben Folds fans, and Emily reminded me that the last time I saw her, we got into a disagreement about the fact that she’d heard that Ben Folds went to Chapel Hill High School, i.e. my high school. I said no, he didn’t, impossible, because if he had we all would have heard about it in the years since. But she was convinced. So I come home, start Googling, and all I can get is that he grew up in Winston Salem and eventually, lived in Chapel Hill. But this is not enough! I need serious proof. Yes, James Taylor went to CHHS. As did Poppy Z. Brite. But Ben Folds, I am ALMOST positive, did not. If anyone can help me out, I would be much appreciative. Thank you!

(Can you tell I’m a little less focused on Important Things this summer? I think this is good for me, I really do.)

Meanwhile, due to exhaustion, I missed the first cleaned up episode of Sex and the City that ran on TBS last night. I saw that it was, in fact, one of my favorites, “The Real Me,” where Carrie falls on the runway. I’m wondering how they edited it up: I seem to remember Margaret Cho having a bit of a potty mouth, although I guess you can dub out anything. Having watched two episodes from the new SATC DVD earlier last night (the Berger period, not my fave, to be honest) I still can’t imagine how they’re going to take out everything offensive and still keep the feel of the show. Here’s my advice to any of you who saw Sex and the City last night for the very first time last night on TBS and liked it: go, run, don’t walk, to your local DVD rental place and get the boxed sets. See the show as it was meant to be seen. You won’t regret it! I promise.

As for me, the current TV drought (thank God for Tivo) will let up somewhat this week with the start of The Simple Life 2, Newlyweds and the new Ashlee Simpson Show. It’s a good thing I’m reading so much (for you Jane Green fans from yesterday, Iam totally with you, but saving To Have and To Hold for my vacation) or else I’d be worried about my intellectual state. As it is, I think Nicole Richie and good books might just be the perfect mix. I guess I’ll find out.

have a good day everyone!