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I’m about to go get my car washed. And it’s cloudy out, looks like it’s going to rain. But it’s been like this ALL week, and has hardly rained a drop. But you just KNOW that the minute I get my car washed—and I have to, for various reasons—it’s going to rain. You know it.

Not that I control the weather, of course. But you just have to wonder about stuff like this. It’s like my husband and running. He runs a lot, every other day at least, and his big issue is always should he wear his sunglasses or not. I’ll say, “Do you think it’s going to rain?” (like maybe I’m going to wash my car) and he’ll say, “Oh, I just won’t bring my sunglasses on my run, that way the sun will come out. Always happens if I don’t bring them.” Weird, but true. It’s kind of like whenever I’m in a hurry, I get hit every red light on the way to where I’m going. But if I need to put on lipstick, or drop something under my seat and need to find it, it’s green lights, no stops. Why IS that? I guess we’ll never know.

In a totally unrelated note, in the local paper today, there’s a nice blurb with a fitting last line that, to those who know me, states the obvious. Click here to see what I mean. The funniest thing about the chaos that was high school was that I swear, sometimes it seems like I’m the only one who remembers it. I was talking to my friend Hannah the other day about the ninth grade prom, and she’s like “No, wait, I didn’t go with ——, I went with ——!” She was sure of it. And wrong. I told her I had pictures of her with this other guy, the one she DID go to the prom with (we doubled dated) and she just looks at me for a second and goes, “Oh, okay! God, I totally forgot all about that.”

That’s the thing, though. Most people survive high school, move on, and then think back occasionally with either with dread or nostalgia, depending on the experience. Not me. As a YA writer, I’m still picking over my high school memories, on a daily basis, trying to find some sort of Deeper Meaning.

Yeah. I’ll let you know when it happens.

Now, I’m off to wash my car. You can thank me for the rain later.

have a good day everyone!