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Quick entry, as I’m off to begin a busy day (and a hot one: I swear, it’s like it didn’t even cool off last night. Welcome in NC in the summer! Humidity, anyone?).

First off, I discovered yesterday that Harold and Maude is out on DVD, which is SO exciting, because I love this movie. Now, if you haven’t seen it, a warning: it’s a little trippy. (I think I just totally dated myself, using that expression, but whatever.) But: you’ve got black humor. An unorthodox love story (to say the least). And an entire soundtrack by Cat Stevens. I mean, please. I think I might have to go buy it today. When I’m not sweating, or sucking up air conditioning, both of which I’ll probably be doing all day.

In other news: The new Bachelor and his sweetie broke up. Now, I don’t watch this show, but is this really shocking news to anyone? What’s even more perplexing is that the two Bachelorette’s relationships have lasted, at least longer than those of the guys. Why is that, I wonder? Do women commit more easily, and more permanently? (Not if they’re dating Bachelors, apparently). There’s some sociological theory at play here, I’m sure, although what it is I have no idea. Maybe, just maybe, you’re not MEANT to find your true love on a TV show. You think?


Finally, a note about my trip to the carwash yesterday. First, it didn’t rain. (There goes another theory.) Second, while waiting for my car to be dried, standing out side in ninety-plus degrees heat AND the pounding sun, I became aware of the music playing over the car wash loudspeakers. It was Ray Charles. (A nice tribute.) Singing Christmas Carols. There’s nothing like hearing “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” in June, over a crackling speaker, in about a hundred percent humidity, at the car wash. Truly an experience.

Now, I’m off to experience my Friday. Have a good weekend everyone!